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Nobody chooses to have a gambling disorder. But it can affect anyone.

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Problem gambling is a disorder,
not a decision.

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Nobody chooses to have a gambling disorder. But it can affect anyone.

If you see signs of a gambling problem in yourself or in someone you love, take a look at the Get Help or Give Help pages to find resources and support. We offer practical tips for helping a loved one who is showing gambling problem signs, and a helpline if you need help for a gambling problem yourself. You can also use our Live Chat feature to connect with online resources.

Due to a new understanding of the brain, in May 2013, pathological gambling was reclassified from an impulse-control disorder to an addiction. That means there are new ways to treat it and more reasons to hope.

Source: National Center for Responsible Gaming


With a drug problem, a person adds chemicals to the body that activate dopamine. With a gambling problem, a person’s behavior activates dopamine.

"That’s very different from 20 years ago when people saw it as an issue of morality, creed and lack of willpower."

— Dr. Timothy Fong

Source: UCLA


A new study reveals impaired communication across various brain regions in compulsive gamblers. This suggestions that gambling addiction may be more due to a deviation in the brain than a weakness in character.

"For the patients it should be useful that we can now demonstrate that self-control is related to changes in the brain. This strengthens the view that this is a disease."

— Kristine Thomsen, Ph.D.

Source: Science Nordic

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